Hey, all. Just wan to post this up for all of us, including mods and admins. Calling it the negativity threshold. Please just read it and keep it in mind when posting in these sections.

New cameras spark lively debate and that is great. But, there is a threshold when things become overly negative in overall tone and it begins to bring the whole board down. When you look at a post or two here and there, it doesn't seem like much, but when you add everything together, it compounds and has an impact on the overall vibe and productivity.

please, read and keep it in mind for the indefinite future moving forward. We want these boards to be as beneficial to as many people as absolutely possible

Thanks for your understanding and, sorry in advance if this seems overly dramatic or like we are getting to heavy on moderation. Just something that I feel needs to be done until things calm down a bit and move in a more productive overall direction. I appreciate the way things have been the last day or so. Thank you.

We aren't trying to single anyone out, here. Things just get out of hand often times when new cameras come along (which is quite often lately) and there are certain types of postings that are becoming more and more common, and do little to move threads in a productive direction. We're heading that stuff off now before it gets even more out of hand.

Things have gotten poisonous, and there needs to be a course correction. Please read and know you will be required to follow these guidelines before posting in these sections.

Not saying you can't be "negative" or have critiques and so on... But, right now we are requiring you all to consider what you are posting. Be more tactful and show more general respect for each other and for those who are taking the time to share footage (of any kind) of camera's that are fresh out of the box, and some of the first on the street. No more camera wars either. Folks are too personally involved as a result of their devotion to their chosen camera, etc, etc.

Rather than dropping into a thread and saying "that footage sucks", which is pretty much only going to serve as a conversation stopper/argument starter/contribution discourager much of the time... Take it in, and consider something more along the lines of "Thanks for taking the time, however I couldn't really tell anything from that footage. If you have the time, I'd love to see xyz. That would be more helpful for me" Something that can move the thread along and potentially help a lot more people than the currently common alternative to that. i.e. "footage sucks" "not cinematic", etc, etc, etc. If you cannot do this in place of a negative only comment, then pass the thread by.

Some of you have good intentions, but there are just too many of these kinds of comments to go around right now, and again they aren't really serving to move the thread in a productive and useful direction. Others are looking for any reason at all to slam on x camera (granted these types of posters are in the minority, but we'd rather those posters with ill intent be isolated and easily identifiable, rather than seeming par for the course).

So, everyone please take the extra time for now, b/c (in my opinion) the DSLR sections have gotten out of hand, and the tone has become overly negative. We can handle those types of posts from time to time... but not multiple times in nearly every thread every day (or so it seems). If the best you can muster is a conversation stopper, then might I suggest that it is in your best interest (and that of the forum as a whole) that you just pass the thread by for now. Just too much noise, and we'd like to see things head back in a more productive direction for a while.

The mods will be using this as a basis for moderating. We won't be posting warnings anymore or calling anyone out. It doesn't matter if you are a long standing member, or a newbie. You will all be held to the above standards while visiting the DSLR sections of this forum until further notice.

As such, posts may be deleted without warning, pm's may or may not be sent. Infractions and/or temp bannings very likely will be issued. What you post that may result in one of the above actions may not seem like much on its own, or much to you to warrant such "heavy-handed" action. However, there is an over-abundance of negative tone and so, we are course-correcting that. Nothing personal, but some kind of mutual respect, professional courtesy, tact, etc has to be restored. If it isn't, the end result is a forum that is not offering it's best to everyone, and things will only continue to get worse.