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    Music & Soundtracks for your Loss Fest films!
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    Hey Everyone, I noticed there are several music for films threads floating around and thought I would start a centralized thread where composers/musicians can add their links for Loss Fest. Comment below and I'll add your links to this list!

    Music for your Loss Fest films:
    Use My Songs in Your Films Free! - Justin Ewart

    Orchestral Soundtracks - Leandro Gardini

    Free Score Work Available - David Nix

    Music Available for Films - Keegan Nicol

    Music Composer Available - Damián Sánchez

    Need a score for your short film? - Ben Hase

    I'm available for scoring - FDL film music composer

    Composer for Film - Justin R. Durban

    Composer - Gunnar Schwant
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    That´s a nice thread...thanks Justin!!!
    Leandro Gardini -Classical/orchestral/film composer

    Skype: leogardini
    .................................................. .............................

    Pacific Ocean
    Your best soundtrack is here!!!

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    Hi all!

    I am currently available and would like to join you on LossFest. If you are looking for a composer, please contact me. (Please use the contact details displayed on my website, since I do not check my messages here regularly. - Contact details:

    Best regards and Merry X-MAS!

    - Gunnar.
    Gunnar Schwant ::: Music Composition ::: Audio Mastering

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    you can add me too!

    justin r. durban -
    yup & yup.

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    Add me to the list. I'd like to take on one short for this fest.

    Music & Film : | | Vimeo |

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