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    TimeFest Door Prize Winner
    Ok. I very scientifically looked at how many posts there were in the live web screening thread... I picked a post number randomly (124) and then navigated to that post to see who the winner would be...

    And, the winner of the door prize (with his post of "ewww") is:

    DVXuser name "dopeyname101"

    Congratulations to you, man. Tim of indfocus has donated an indi rails shoulder mount setup for you to enjoy.

    Please pm your mailing address to one of the fat monster crew as they are holding your prize hostage.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Ramsey View Post
    ...Please pm your mailing address to one of the fat monster crew as they are holding your prize hostage...
    Err...not so much. At the screening, Mark asked me to hide the door prize somewhere but I instead ran out of the building just in time to stop the valet guy and put the damn thing in my car. No one was the wiser...until now. Sorry man, but that prize is mine.

    Just kidding, obviously, although here is a fun fact: Mark really did ask me to hide it at the screening, which I did. But that was the last time I saw it. I swear! Congrats!

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    haha congratulations... O and I'm sorry to say he went on a little vacation... yea... umm and he wanted me to take it for him while he was gone... So you can just send it to me instead!

    Really tho, Congratulations!

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    the winning post...



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    lol, ewww
    Couldn't win for a more intelligent comment.

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    Oh, wow. Such a hard-fought victory - I wanna thank everyone for their support, and -

    "ewww"? Seriously? That was the winning post? Sure you don't wanna have a do-over?

    Awesome, though, totally did not expect it. Sweet.

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