Welcomes & Introductions

  1. Ki-Ki
    Perhaps we could try and maintain a fairly active group for us Brits?

    Collaborate for DVXfests, annual meet ups, inform each other of events & assist each other with projects.

    Feel free to introduce yourself.
  2. jamedia.uk
    sounds good to me., how many brits are there on DVXUser?
  3. WilliamGuy
    I realise that this is a fairly old thread... but hello from London! Would love to see this group get talking.
  4. jamedia.uk
    Hmmm perhaps it is time to try and get something going here? Are there just the three of us on DVX in the UK or can we get some more Brits in here?
  5. jpnayak
    Hi Everybody,

    Really a great feeling to join all of you guys.
    I am a blogger & digital marketing professional working for US based Video on Demand platform provider company - Muvi Studio. It allows video content owners like Production houses, TV channels owners to build their own branded VOD platform at ZERO Investment.

    Thank You
  6. Matt_Bigwood
    I'm based in Gloucestershire and mainly do corporate interview-based videos. Also I'm a photographer, with my background in regional press photography.
  7. jamedia.uk
    Hi, I am based in Birmingham UK and do mainly corporate interview, event and conference videos around the UK. Also a background in regional press photography.
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