The ultimate DVX training guide package is now available: The DVX DVD and The DVX Book. Created by Barry Green, Emmy®-winning producer and resident tech guru at, The DVX Book/DVD presents a comprehensive examination of the camera, all its settings and modes, and tutorials on some of the most common situations DVX users find themselves facing, over 100 pages!

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The included DVX DVD

Hosted by Tammy Lier and Laura Hale, The DVX DVD offers nine segments, presenting over 50 minutes of information and tutorials, some of which include:

Depth Of Field, and how to achieve the shallow depth of field look, and Frame Rates: How the frame rates compare, how to achieve perfect slow motion, and how to get new frame rates of 12P and 15P.
* Comparisons: real-world footage showing the DVX using the mini35TM, side-by-side comparisons between the DVX and film, the DVX vs. a consumer high-definition camera, and letterbox vs. Anamorphic vs. Squeeze Mode.
Magical Projectile: a "cookbook" of settings combinations that make the DVX able to emulate in-camera many of the looks contained in Magic Bullet TM Movie LooksTM!
These looks were all created entirely in-camera. The DVD will show you exactly how to duplicate these looks (and many more) and show how they compare against similar looks created by Magic BulletTM.

Along with the DVD you'll receive a copy of The DVX Book, 155 pages full of useful information, written by
Barry Green and two co-authors: Panasonic USA DVX Brand Manager Jan Crittenden, and Panasonic National Training Manager Harry W. Foulds. The DVX Book goes into much more detail about:

* Tricks, Techniques, and Explanations of how the DVX works, why it does what it does, and how you can use it best.

* Menu Options -- a detailed examination of all seven DVX menus, what the options mean, and why you'd want to use each one.

* Camera Operations -- thorough explanations of every switch and lever, how they work, how they interact, and how to use the camera for best results.

* Tutorials -- comprehensive tutorials on aperture, shutter speed, depth of field, progressive scan, interlace artifacts, and many, many more subjects, and specifically how they relate to the DVX100 camera.

The DVX Book is written in plain language that makes it easy to understand for users of all levels. Technical issues are described in ways that make them approachable and practical to even the most non-technical users.

If you've already invested thousands of dollars in the camera, you owe it to yourself to get the most from your DVX


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