We are happy to offer our DVXuser.com members specially made 5600mah batteries for an incredible direct price of only $79.00!. We had these batteries specially made from one of the most reliable battery makers and have tested them to meet the standards of our users. They work with the HVX200, The DVX100, 100A and 100B, Pal and NTSC models and the DVC-30, and other Panasonic cameras that use the GDR series batteries, as well as the upcoming HVX-200 cameras. They charge in the original chargers that come with your camera as well as lenmar and most other aftermarket chargers.

In our tests, they lasted over 5 hours of constant 24pa recording, with the LCD closed and EVF on.
The table below are best case results, so you may have better or worse run time depending on how much you zoom and use the TFT display, FF/RW, standby etc.

Battery Test/Comparisons
Model/MakeRun time
DVXuser.com 5600mah5 hours 04 minutes
Panasonic Default 1600 mah1 hour 12 minutes
A good way to figure out how long this battery will last is to compare it to how long your stock 1600mah Panasonic battery lasts. If the stock battery lasts you 2 hours, these are 3.5x the capacity (5600) so they will last almost 3.5x the time.

This is the 5th version of our batteries, This version proves to be the best yet.
Batteries have a Full 6 month warranty. If it stops working, send it back and we will send you a new one.

Special Offer!
For the first 50 2pack orders we are also including the limited edition
HVX200 DVXuser Tshirt, One size only (L-XL), military green.



You can buy now using Paypal, if you need to send a check email me at batteries@landmine.tv

Shipping Cost (1-5 cells)
Price Each
5600mah Battery
Xpresspost USA/Canada (2-7 day) $13
2 pack/Free Shirt
Xpresspost USA/Canada (2-7 day) $13
EMS Expedited (4-7 day) $35

Shipments go out every Friday

We ship to almost every Country, Email us at batteries@landmine.tv for shipping

All prices in $USD

All orders shipped out of DVXuser.com' Headquarters in Los Angeles. Please note we are primarily film makers like you,
so depending on schedule it may take a couple days to ship your order out.

I f you need the batteries ASAP, please let us know and we will do our best to get them out as soon as we can.
(that's what lunch call is for :)