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So, first thing to cover is the HUGE marked growth with this entry! Well done! I remember reading the script, and the writing style was VERY staccato ... enough so that it was difficult for me to follow & I never finished reading ... I'm glad I didn't because the payoff on this was huge with the ending.

Sound design was good, with solid music, and some excellent cinematography as always. And the VFX of having the people stuck in the picture frames was spot on! Totally creepy ending that made the movie.

All that said, the pacing up TO the ending was slow & I think could have been improved with tighter editing and/or some more interesting things peppered throughout to keep the viewer more interested. While the ending was totally solid, I wonder if it was enough to compensate for the wait we had to get there?

I've seen others mention the clipping perhaps revealing so much ... perhaps I'm a slow reader because I don't even remember what the clipping said ... I was looking at the picture instead. So for me, there were no hints or reveals of what was coming. With regards to the Twilight Zone/Outer Limits vibe, you nailed it. The quality of this is also TV ready. Great job, and marked growth as a director.

I'd look forward to your next submission having more dialogue, so we can see the growth in working with talent, interactions with each other, etc.

Keep it up!
Thanks, much appreciated. I learned a LOT from SEMELE - especially regarding directing, so I think that paid of in this film. After my experience with this one, I've learned even more, so hopefully future submissions will be stronger. As long as each submission tops the previous one I did, I'm happy.