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    Quote Originally Posted by kidwoo View Post
    I might try to stick both on the same helmet and do some real 'side by side' comparisons.
    Please do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_Green View Post
    Please do!

    Since there's at least one person who's interested in this, I'll report.

    Due to some weather and delivery problems, I didn't get a chance to test both cameras side by side on a helmet. What I have done is drive the same stretch of road with both cameras on the dashboard.

    The hv30 footage is absolutely horrible. It's not as pronounced as the 100mph footage posted earlier in this thread, but this camera cannot handle shake with a poop in my opinion. The SD9 looks heaps better. Bumps in the road make the footage look like there are bumps in the road. The hv30 footage looks like the camera is trying something akin to frame blending whenever there is a shake. This is with the OIS on, and in each camera's 24p mode.

    So for anyone looking for a small POV cam out of the new batch of itty bitty HD cams.....the hv30 (and I can only assume the hv20) is NOT what you're looking for. More to the point that's already been stated; be wary of the rolling shutter. You probably already know this but I'll support that assessment from what I've seen from the hv30. I'm pretty happy with the SD9 output so least for what I'll be using it for.

    And a side note: Premiere Pro still doesn't handle AVCHD footage

    I'll post clips from each if anyone is interested.

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    You can make Premiere pro work with it if you a) download the AVCHD->DVCPRO-HD converter from Panasonic's site, and b) make sure you're running version 3.1 of Premiere Pro CS3.

    How did the AVC-HD format hold up to the helmet test?

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