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    60i to progressive?
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    Kind of thinking out loud here.

    I ran a "regular" deinterlace of some A1 60i footage of a glider in FCP last night and didn't quite get the results I had hoped for. It was OK, but not great.

    I don't even know WHY I would want to turn 60i footage into progressive anything; I just wanted to see if there was a difference in quality because the scan lines are rather obvious from time to time with extreme motion with 60i.

    The resulting deinterlaced 60i footage looks good, but seems to loose quality and gets kind of artifacty looking (if that's a real word)

    24f and 30f produce extraordinary stills, but noticeable stutter and are unacceptable for fast motion thus far for me. I haven't played with shutter speed all that much yet though.

    Any input guys? I will be working on this some more before I get brave enough to post anything for C&C.

    Thank you as always for your time.

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    Stutter is the nature of 24F, you'll just have to do slower panning.
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    Try using Compressor to convert 60i to 720 60p. There is also an excellent plug-in from Nattress called "Standards Conversion" which has a function called "Fields to Frames" which renders very quickly. Downconvert to 720 60 and you will still have an HD frame with no scan lines apparent and at a true 60 frames per second.

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