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    Quote Originally Posted by overlandfilms View Post
    The beauty of the PowerTap is that you don't really have to provide anything more than a short power cord from your board to the PowerTap plug. If you want to get really crazy, make it a really nice coiled one.

    Yeah, the only problem is that Anton Bauer is 12-14.4V and my panel's specs are 12V +- 0.5 DC. I'd probably need a voltage regulator.

    Once I can afford to, I'll might run 14.4 through it and see what happens though ;)

    I agree, the battery shouldn't ideally be attached to the monitor, though. It adds too much weight! I have played with the Marshall and hate how top-heavy that setup makes your camera.

    Bruce Allen

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    any news on the nebtek coming out yet?

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    Hi Justyn,

    Chuck made me aware of this post so I thought I would answer your question directly... All the parts will be in by the last week of June, and NEBTEK will be in full production the entire month of July. We will be taking orders by the 3rd week of July, because we want to have quantities available for our customers without long lead times. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me directly.

    I'm always willing to help,
    Rob DuBree

    888-648-8324 Toll Free
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    hi guys,
    i feel the same way as tomk358
    i buy an Ikan v8000HD , by my side the image quality it's good enough for focusing and framing!!! but big trouble, the aspect ratio is'nt good!!! big deception, i talk to the support guy at Ikan they said we are sorry it's a trouble please send it back to us and we will repair or exchange... 2 week later i receive it today, image seem good... test the aspect ratio... amazing same trouble, i put an cd front to the camera and look at the 2 screen (panasonic hvx200built in screen and the ikanv8000hd) it's squeez!!!!!!! enven in 16/9 and 4/3
    it'seem that the monitor is fix in pal or really wrong programing...

    i just write them this trouble again and i'm waiting for a good reply!!!!

    i was buying the delux kit with hard case, sunshade... for around 1000$
    if they can give it wright i will check on marshal or nebtek !!!!

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