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    Anyone editing tonight? if so, what..
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    Aug 2004
    San Francisco
    project: top secret video for top secret company
    system: FCP
    how I stay in my chair: glancing at dvxuser, happy-hour for ONE
    breaktime: go out and ride my bike, maybe paint my toe nails
    possible diversion: friend who will drag me to Zuppa
    consequence of not editing: more backlog, feel like a loser
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    project: screen tests/B roll/location footy for an upcoming mockumentary I'm "birthing"
    system: G5/FCP... and I just got Shake too! been tinkering with some CC and time re-mapping, basically toying around with it
    consequences of not editing 2nite: nothing really, but the sh*t has to get done sooner or later, plus I'm still de-toxing from sxsw, so raging 2nite is outta the equation
    breaktime: anything not in front of a computer

    cheerz yall!
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    Im working ona short surf doc about this amazing small surf town i just moved to. First time working in hd....looks amazing.

    You can see a little thing i edited up on my myspace at film the video is called tofino i think.

    what do you guys think?
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    speaking of editing...did anyone see that awesome film that navigatordr suggested entitled "the cutting edge"

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    Quote Originally Posted by navigatordr
    speaking of editing...did anyone see that awesome film that navigatordr suggested entitled "the cutting edge"

    i have the dvd here. bought it for my girlfriend (a feature editor) for her birthday two or three years ago. i remember being a little disappointed by how deep they were willing to go into the editorial process.
    DOWN AND DANGEROUS is now on iTunes :: A smuggler bleeds like anyone else. He just gets more chances to prove it.
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    Apr 2005
    Chicago burb'
    Thumbs up
    project: commercial for a Chicago Hip-Hop shop
    system: Vegas/After Effects
    how I stay in my chair: creativity, youtube and beer
    breaktime: all night party!!
    consequence of not editing: more work for me tomorrow which isn't a bad thing.
    "In a fraction of a second as it stared into unknown nothingness, it had it's first thought, the universe in its entirety"
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    project: piece for film department application (college)
    system: vegas/AE
    music keeps me sane
    consequence of not editing: don't get piece into portfolio (due thrusday!)
    consequence of editing: no parties tonight.
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    Mar 2006
    Torrance, CA
    project: Music Video for the TurboTax Tax Rap contest
    system: DuoG5 w/ FCP 5.1
    consequence of not editing: Not freeing up some storage
    consequence of editing: Potentially 25 Geez.
    breaktime: DVXuser/ USC vs. NC game
    What keeps me in my chair: My screaming 2 year old in the other room.
    "I have a 12 foot crane and I know how to use it!!"
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    Dec 2005
    Montreal, Canada
    project: A Moral Dilemma, my upcoming short (see sig)
    system: Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
    how I stay in my chair: adult diaper... I mean... I have a tv next to me...
    breaktime: DVXuser/talking to my gf
    possible diversion: food, yummy, and girlfriend, extra yummy ;)
    consequence of not editing: feeling like a loser that can't get his movie finished
    consequence of editing: feeling like I have meaning in this world...
    "Dialogue should simply be a sound among other sounds, just something that comes out of the mouths of people whose eyes tell the story in visual terms." - Alfred Hitchcock

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