Can I ask as real stupid question? Thanks. What is the
angle of view for a stock DVX 100 lens? I don't use it (cam) but do animations layered over DVX footage. The distance looks real distorted like maybe a 45 degree or maybe 1/2 45 degree depending on the terminology. As in per screen width or 1/2 screen width like some video game code.

Also, do you know what the mm size of the stock lens would be? Boujou likes to use 20.024 or something (the decimal may be wrong, it's late )
when capturing motion from dvx footage. I do know from looking at DVX footage with a stock lens it's no where near linear which makes me ask why not?

Also is there a mathematical table between fov and mm lens size?
I guess I'm not grasping the mm size thing. Thanks.