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    Quote Originally Posted by THoff
    Edius will play and edit DVCProHD QT files that QuickTime Player itself refuses to play.
    I believe Avid will as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mvb
    Conceivably a raylight quicktime extension could be written so the quicktime player would invoke raylight or even the Panasonic decoder to decode DVCPROHD. But I'm not sure what kind of market there would be for that. Apple might decide that wasn't funny and release their own.

    The Apple DVCPROHD quicktime to Raylight AVI conversion in DVFilm Maker is fast, as fast as a file copy so that is a good alternative. It makes a self-contained AVI so it's portable to other computers and applications like After Effects.
    MVB, this codec would be great for us Mac users to be able to share our content with PC windows users.It would be like downloading the apple Mpeg 2 decoder- viewer. We wouldn't need to bother encoding when going with a master qt dvcprohd to a consumer pc to show our full quality work.

    It would be a great viewing codec for our edited content. Please do it!
    SÚrgio Perez
    Macanese Director

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    Just to follow up on an old thread; DVFilm did release a DVCPROHD codec for QT Windows. It's called Raylight Decoder and it's only $45.
    Get it at

    Also there is way to encode DVCPROHD quicktimes on a PC. Its' called Raylight Encoder Pro. It's $150 but you can upgrade
    from Decoder. Get it at
    DVFilm Raylight Decoder
    DVFilm Raylight Encoder Pro
    DVFilm Raylight X

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