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    More thoughts on temps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgen
    And... Temp Scores. What do you think of those? Personally, I think they hinder the entire process because the director/editor gets so used to the temp music, its nearly impossible for them to let go. Plus, it's hard as heck mimick a massive budgeted orchestral ensemble.
    Or you can have the attitude of, "Hey I'm going to make the director think the original temp music didn't fit as well as the stuff I'm tailoring.". If the temp fits better, get it licensed. It just means less brain rack for me.

    Working without temps is great, but even then you will still be going back to your own personal references and influences. Isn't that kind of like self temping no matter what? There's a freedom there. Ideally I would prefer to work without temps, but I'm pretty open. Whatever floats the boat.
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    Ack, Herman, I'm so jealous. You're amazing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herman Witkam
    Download option added!

    If it's not working in IE - give me a shout
    Herman, I don't see that option via IE7. I'll see if it appears different via Netscape.

    BTW, I can't believe I neglected to mention this in the KATRINA thread, when reviewing the film, but wanted to state that the scrore was wonderful, and fit the mood of the film perfectly!

    EDIT: DL option not available via Netscape either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aaron Marshall
    If the temp fits better, get it licensed. It just means less brain rack for me.
    This is what happened on one project herman did for me. I had some other music and when it came down to it, we both kind of agreed to leave it in that spot, and he did work on some other parts of the film. But that was something created before I ever knew herman.

    Now, when he works on a project with me from scratch, I really, really prefer to tell him a few things, maybe write an email with a paragraph or two of what I'm thinking, but them let him fly. I trust his instincts so much, and when we've worked together, he's often come up with things I never would have chosen, but fit so perfectly, that I've learned my main job is just not to get in his way.

    The more I direct, the more see the importance in getting the right people to work with and then letting them go, rather than trying to rigidly control my "vision." More heads bring more to the project.

    So with music anymore, I have ideas, but don't put in temp tracks at all. It's kind of fun to see what Herman comes up with and not knowing what it will be exactly, but trusting that it will be right.

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    I'm late.....But thanks for the kind words guys!

    Mark - Good to hear some more about the collaboration from the directors' perspective

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    Yea he totoally lets us out of the cage to work on his movies. ( notice the camera monkey below..... totally out of the cage)
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