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    i agree.. the zoom was a bad idea. better match for Red a fast, quality 50mm normal prime and zoom with feet.


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    Primes YES!
    I join the chorus that would love a set of PL mount primes with proper gearing to mate reliably with FF rigs, minimal breathing and other characteristics of the best cine primes from Cooke and Zeiss - with pricetags aimed at owner/operators rather than rental houses. The MadMan has fished for interest and I hope he saw enough to persue the development and marketing of an affordable, reasonably fast prime set.

    From an Indies perspective anything north of $5K per lens is tough. Anything south of $2K per lens is unlikely to be good enough qulaity. There's some feedback, hope it can happen.

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    BTW 50mm is short tele on Red. 28mm is normal for 4.5k, 25.5mm for 4k.
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