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    request again and again
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    The milk thing was great but can we have another video please? (during more than 2 second would be great)


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    They're all hard at work on Spike... I'm sure we'll get much more footage once he's up and running.

    I think that the time needed to make us an 8-bit 1080p copy of the L.A. screening's footage would be time that would be better spent on the goods. Furthermore, short clips have that "glimpse into development" feel whereas a large hunk of footage would immediately be interpreted as broad, public, top-notch promotional material. Particularly considering the dynamic range public misconception of late, I think that putting all of the test footage into our hands would be... counterproductive. All it takes is one dead pixel or one nasty clip for people to ferociously proclaim RED's failure and imminent demise - it reminds me of the old Apple Death Knell Counter. If the footage hit major internet media outlets, well... too many people accept what they hear without doing research for themselves. Bandwidth becomes another issue altogether.

    That said, I wouldn't mind it either...
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    There won't be any new footage until Spike is up and running...



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    Default everone stop asking! Let the creators work in peace.

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