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    P2 log URGENT!!!!!!

    A friend of mine is out in the field shooting a short. He is recording with a external mic to the HVX. When he plays back the sound in the camera all is good, but after downloading it with P2 logger it is terribly bad, as if the camera mic and external mike are sandwiched together in to the same tracks. He is only keeping the QT files the P2 logger generates as he has only limited space. What is he doing wrong?????

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    Doesn't all four tracks ( the camera's mic and the external mic ) get recorded no matter what you do? Then you just turn off the camera's mic tracks in your editor and problem solved.

    I know the latest version of FCP allows you to import from P2 files and not bring in the two camera mic tracks.
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    You need to check the tracks individually. If you don't have your editing program on the machine to check tracks, he can open the QT file right after it has been exported from P2 log. Then in quicktime open movie properties (cmd-J). From there you turn off the individual audio channels with the check box in the first column called "Enabled". P2 Log has no way to assign the audio tracks to different output channels, so you get everything in one mono mix. Never though about that before because to the extent that I have used P2 Log, I have had similar audio on all tracks, so checking individual tracks was not a concern.

    It would be a nice feature in a future version of P2 Log.


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    thank you. I will pass on the info.

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    I am the friend that was shooting in the field yesterday...thanks for your excellent replies...saved my sanity! Even though we thought we had the camera mics off, they seem to still record on channels 3/ all of that awful extra ambient noise that we try to get rid of, was sandwiched into the sound. All through the shoot I thought there was either something wrong with my sound technician, or that my pmcia slot was malfunctioning. Question, when I export the QT's to FCP, do I leave channels 1/2 enabled and cut 3/4? I was just dragging and dropping onto FCP this afternoon...and the two good channels seemed a bit similar.

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