I need all the help I can get!!! (link is below)

This is a chance at me being a host of a new up & comin yahoo show! Please people I need all of my DVXuser Buddies & yahoo friends to help keep me in this contest. You don't have to do nothing but vote and give me props in the comments.

But the only way to vote is you gotta have yahoomail or SBCmail!!!

So all you have to do is:
1. sign in to your own yahoo email
2. click the link below
3. watch each video clip (there are 2, each about 1min long)
4. VOTE separately for both clips (I need to get in the top 5 Stars!!!!)
5. LEAVE a COMMENT (example:That guy should win)

You gotta do both THEY COUNT.
Please have anyone else you know with yahoo to do so as well.. PLEASE HELP ME OUT
IF I WIN I COULD BRING A REALLY NICE SHOW TO YAHOO FOR EVERYONE!(Animators,Actors,Singers,Dancers,Rappers , ect! )

here's the link to vote (COPY & PASTE LINK)