View Poll Results: Should Red Digital Cinema open up to global distribution and resellers ASAP or not?

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    Ok, I'm hearing ya'll on RED keeping it tight.

    Reselling will up price for sure.

    But what about distribution? Will RED go global? Lets's hope they get it out to far lying regions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Poi Boy
    I would prefer RED to keep total control of their product and become a model for every other tech company with regard to service to their customer base. Given the way they have started, I would be disappointed by anything less.

    great post Poi.. great post.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ThomSteinhoff
    I would really like RED to eventually open up to global distribution, but always follow a "everyone knows the price" model similar to the way Apple does things.

    One thing I really hate about high end gear is that you really feel like you are getting constantly screwed on price, or that someone is getting a better deal. "Who are you? what do you need it for? how much can you afford? Okay, here is the price (here is what I think I can screw you for). With Apple, and now Red, it is "here is the price and where did you want it shipped?"
    I have to admit that Apples pricing model is very consumer friendly. It is stress free because you know that everyone gets the same price... somehow that feels good. You don't spend time looking around trying to get the best deal and then agonizing that you might have got a better deal if you had gone somewhere else or pushed that bit more..... But.

    Apple isn't a friendly, happy, consumer loving company... it is all business. Steve Jobs is a shrewd businessman who has a nose for what makes consumers tick. I suspect it is closer to the truth that Apple is just screwing everyone.



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    Yes, paperwork is a hassle - we get to do extra work so that government workers have paper to shuffle to justify their jobs, as a bonus we get to pay extra tases and fees - Big Fun! However, due to the competitive nature of the global shipping business we can take advantage of relatively cheap overnight or second day delivery from almost anywhere. I would rather ship it to Red despite the issues involved and get it fixed right.

    In my perfect scenario Red would provide telephone support for a small fee that would make it possible to fix some things in the field. They could also offer a replacement sent the day you call via a service contract, it would likely be a pricey option but worth it for some.

    I also hope that their commitment to modular design will make part swapping in the field realistic for handy ops. They have shown a commitment to industrial design so I am optimistic that the shipping product will lend itself to modular repair strategies that will allow repair facilities to sprout up quickly.

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