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    If Red Makes a 5 lens set thats T1.3 that costs around $10-12k and are better in quality than Mk3 1990's zeiss super speeds I would buy them,

    While Cooke and Zeiss have long histories Red had no track record at all with cine optics ( sorry sunglasses don't count here ) It's hard to guess what a set of Red lenses might be worth in 5 or 10 years.

    I know Jim has a passion for quality, but there are a lot of different characteristics that DP's expect from a cine lens and it's hard to know if Red will be able to meet expectations at a competitive price point.

    The 300mm that Red has shown sounds nice but nobody outside the company has tested it. It's still to be determined if it's an orig. design or a rehoused still photo prime. Cinematographers are not exactly clamoring for yet another 300mm 2.8 when there are several zooms that go from around 150mm-450mm+ at a 2.8 and plenty of used PL mount Canon and Nikon teles out there available on the used market for much less than $4950....

    I am planning on buying a set of primes to go with my Red, it will either be Red made ones, Zeiss Super Speeds or possibly the Russian Elites. While the Cooke S4's and Zeiss Masterprimes / Ultra Primes are awesome lenses and don't leave much of room for improvement. However I can't see the economic sense of making a 60-120k investment with the kind of jobs that I think I'll be doing with my Red. ( and anyway I live in Hollywood, there are at least 10 good camera rental options within 20 miles of my house if any job needs these lenses and can afford them it's an easy matter to rent. )

    Matt Uhry
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    Prime fantasy
    Anybody with easy access to top flite rental houses or who is doing features exclusively has little incentive to buy lenses, beyond possibly the Red Zoom. For those of us who shoot many different genres and/or do not work in close proximity to first class rental operations and/or often have shoots that are less than 3 days renting is much less attractive.

    Why are people like me pimping a company like Red with no track record in optics beyond sunglasses to market a set of "affordable" primes? First of all they seem to have a serious commitment to the digital cinema movement and have already chosen to market two lenses. Second, there is gaping chasm between the "still lenses as subs for cine lenses" level and the Cooke/Zeiss level in terms of both price and operating characteristics. For an owner-operator like myself, the ability to have a set of decent primes in my kit, lenses that can be racked smoothly with minimal breathing would be tasty. It may be a fantasy but if you never ask...

    Blair S. Paulsen
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    maybe, i know they will be good but depends on price. Peace


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    Yes to prime lenses
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    I would say yes to a set of primes.. It is all I use form almost everything I shoot....

    Like everyone pointed out... If they are priced right... But at T 1.9 you had me at hello....

    Keep up the work...

    I can't wait to get mine...


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    Quote Originally Posted by nycfilmmaker
    cooke and zeiss have been around for decades. they specialze in optics not making cameras not making radios -- just optics. Millions of dollars and years upon years of engineering have gone into those optics. how could anyone say that red lenses will be better or even comparable than ziess or cookes? that's insanity. love the Red camera though.

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