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    Ted my man... this is definitely my favorite from the contest... it's got such a great personality to it...

    Here are some notes that I took while watching your extended version...

    The 'Hi Honey' note - I might have added "your loving wife" in there or something. I think that would have cemented the letter was from the wife.

    I think a brief sex scene with the crazy girl at the beginning would have sold it. Just a few flashes of her face or something with quick edits...

    The audio was hard to make out on her first line, so I couldn't really tell what she was saying

    If she would have more dialog in the bathroom scene, kind of a back and forth where he yells at her that he didn't kill her and she says back that he did.

    What was the tape recorder when the wife came home?

    The audio was hard to make out through the whole thing. It was kind of hard to understand what both women were saying.

    And... why did she scream at the end? What happened?
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    Hey folks! This just in....

    My film short, I.D. has been named an OFFICIAL SELECTION on Lumberyard Media's Horrorfest!!!

    It seems that they have annouced a winner, a runner-up, two official selections and a worst selection. (Thank God I didn't win that! I guarantee you would not be hearing it from me!!!) Out of 26 submissions, I tied for 3rd!

    Anyway, there is a viewer poll up and I am would love it if you had the time to go and click on my film. (Believe me, I just watched the other and I can save you the time! Not that I created a masterpiece... )

    Click to visit the site. Remember... a vote for I.D. is a vote for your fellow dvxer!!! (I am sure the other films were done on single ccd best buy specials.)



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    Howdy Ted, I.D. was fun to watch. Great set.


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