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    Sample deferred pay contract
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    Does anyone have a copy of a sample deferred pay contract that they'd be willing to share? I know this can be hugely subjective, but I'd like to get a basic feel for how the points are divided.


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    Movie Magic Contracts
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    Save yourself the randomness of opinion:

    Mark Litwak wrote these and several books you can easily find for $20 on amazon

    I know you want something for free, but this might be one time when spending a few bucks will save your ass.

    Contracts are legaly binding and never go away, so make sure you get it right - and make sure you don't overcomplicate things.

    I did one of those 'Angry Filmmaker' seminars.

    Kelly told us how he did very simple contracts with cast and crew after his lawyer advised him that 'since there is liitle to no money at stake, a lawyer might overcomplicate things.' (That;s a summation, not a direct quote)

    Kelly wrote a plain english agreement about what was required of both sides (the filmmaker and the crew/talent) and they signed it.

    I'm not advocating that approach (choose your own adventure) but I have done it. The few times I have not given a client a contract and grabbed a deposit, it's been a problem, so I use simple contracts all the time.

    I got those simple contracts from a book written by a lawyer. Cheaper and just as effective, and I know that they are pretty watertight because a real lawyer did the hard part.

    My dos pesos

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    i've been asked to shoot a Lo/No budget feature for no money up front. the producer/director plans to sell it. so, how do i make sure i get paid. what's been included in a contract that's guaranteed you some money in the back end? what not to do and what are some must do's to insure payment?

    thanks in advance,
    Los Angeles, CA USA
    DP/Cam Op

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