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    Recovery... mostly
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    Well, we have some good news. Our trained professional investigators have been able to recover much of what was taken in the break-in. We happily got our aluminum prototype back, a lens, some computers and drives that were mostly personal in nature, and some misc. stuff. What is still out there are computers that had most of the camera related development info. It appears that the "booty" was broken up into two segments. Our pro investigation team and police are still on the trail of the balance. We are tremendously proud of the work that our team and the police are doing. And they aren't done yet.

    We cannot comment further on the investigation since it is on-going. We strongly encourage you NOT to speculate as to the motives of the thieves or any connection with the industry.



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    Great to hear that the stuff is back where their suposse to.



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    This is really great news Jim, best wishes and here is to continued success.
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    Staying the course...
    Good to hear, Jim!

    As long as you and your Red team are bent on staying the course with regards to your production schedule, then by this time next year, whatever the motives were for the incident in the first place, would go down in history as a mere inconsequential sidestep, towards the birthing of a revolutionary piece of technology... much like, though not equally, the advent of the PC.
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    Great news Jim.


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    "You're the man now, dog"
    "I've heard that this project is impossible... hehe" ~ Jim Jannard
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    Wow.. I'm truly amazed at how investigators crack this sort of stuff. Kudo's to them.


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    Sounds like a movie in the making, anyone writing the script for you?


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    The making of Red wouldve been such a great documentary. I hope someone has indeed shot some stuff behind the scenes of the process. would make for a great editorial documentary. LionsGate style.


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    Terrific news! Sounds like you're movin' in for the kill! Go get 'em Jim!


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