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    New gear from Manfrotto/Bogen - Head, arms (knees & toes), and a zoom controller.
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    Manfrotto (Bogen in the USA) has released a few new products.

    The one of most interest is the 501HDV head. It's similar to the older 501 head, except for one major feature: It has a counter-balance spring that can be turned on or off. The spring is rated for 2.5Kg - about 5.5lb - making it perfect for the DVX, HVX, and HDV camcorders.
    It should cost a couple of hundered Euros and will ship later this fall.

    Manfrotto is also working on a 503HDV head, which will, like the 503, be a true fluid head, but with a balance spring option too. They expect it to be ready this time next year.

    They also displayed a range of "hydrostatic" ("Israli") arms...

    Also new from Manfrotto is a pair of zoom controllers for Profesional Canon & Fujinon lenses. The clever part is that the controller can tell which it's connected to withotu any adapters. Just a universal zoom controller.
    It features a Zoom rocker, Record & RET buttons, a (max) speed dial and a rocker reverse switch - a fantastic adition.
    One version is a compact clamp on design, and the other is built into a pan handle.

    Also on display was a new lightweight monopod with neat little fold out legs allowing it to stand free.

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    Them hydrostatic arms are very nice!

    Waited some time for them to become available - now in stock at B&H.
    The 819 seems a nice size. Has 1/4" one end and 3/8" the other.
    ROCK solid with not much effort.
    $170.00 for the 819; the other two similar price, ~$10 more, and ~$10 less respectively.

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    where can we order them ?
    any place in singapore..

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