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    DV MultiRig Review - small sample footage
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    Ok, I've finally gotten a chance to play with the MultiRig in earnest. First of all, I know I'm going to have to have a heartfelt talk with my tripod because I'm afraid she's going to be seeing less and less action as I find more uses for the MultiRig. I really love this thing after only using it for a day. I will NEVER, EVER go "nakedly" handheld again - EVER.

    DESIGN: If you've seen the other reviews (or even the DV TEC website), you know this thing is super-compact and easy to store/transport. It really is ridiculous how small this is considering it can be used a full shoulder brace system with a support pod. It is also extremely well-built and is a nice matte, charcoal grey color. It is also VERY LIGHT. It looks very utilitarian and business-like. Nice industrial design. Once you've played with the different setups a few times, it takes absolutely no time to configure from fully folded under the camera, to ready to shoot. I'd say 15 seconds to "fig rig" style shooting, and 45-60 seconds for fully loaded WITH support pod attached to belt. That's pretty nice considering you can be shooting on your tripod and in under a minute, pop it off your sticks and be running around with a full rig support.

    2-HANDED ONLY ("fig rig" style): This is how I did most of my shooting yesterday. It's amazing how much better your shots look doing this rather than "handycam" handheld. It makes a world of difference. I didn't mount a mic or light on the MuliRig for this, but it's nice to know I have that option if I ever need it. The weight (or lack thereof) of the rig made me feel like I could do a lot of shooting in this mode with little fatigue. Just this simple setup will dramatically improve all of your hand held work, guaranteed.

    2-HANDED w/ SUPPORT POD: This, I think, is where the MultiRig is at it's best. You have the freedom of a Fig Rig but the support pod reduces most of the fatigue AND it helps stabilize your shots - especially walking shots. Is it a substitute for a Steadycam? Of course not - it's not supposed to be. BUT you can get some damn smooth tracking shots with this thing with only a little practice. If I had to choose between this rig and a steadycam merlin (which seems like a great product, don't get me wrong), I would choose the MultiRig. Why? Because the Merlin can only do one thing and will likely only be used for a handfull of shots. The MultiRig has so much more versatility you could use it all day on a shoot AND it can produce some pretty damn steady tracking shots of its own with a little practice.

    SHOULDER MOUNT MODE: I didn't do as much of this as I did other modes, but it is quick to convert to this mode and is comfortable. It is easily customizable to your body type and/or preferences and definitely takes the fatigue out of standing around shooting for long periods. If i was going to use this alot, I would probably use the universal base plate and some type of counterweight in the back. I'll try that soon and offer an update.

    SHOULDER MOUNT w/POD: You could shoot all day with this setup and never get tired. The pod would be carrying most of the weight and you'd have three additional points of contact. Of course, your shots will also be nice and steady. Great for ENG or doc work. The other nice thing about his set up is that if you need a higher angle shot, you can fully extend the extension pod and lock it in place. I could see that coming in handy alot.

    SAMPLE FOOTAGE: Ok, this is just a quickie shot taken in 2-handed "fig rig" style mode. Please note that i was working in downtown Chicago in the middle of a median less than 2 feet from rush hour traffic. I was having to time my shots in the 15 second intervals between bursts of honking cars. Any shortcomings in this very quick piece of footage are the operator's fault, not the rig's. I can only imagine how shaky this footage would have been without the rig. I'll post some walking shots another day, but I want to practice my technique first - somewhere away from rush hour traffic.

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    Good review... thanks for taking the time. The footage really doesn't help much, but I'm sure there will be plenty more to critique in the next couple weeks/months, as it seems people are RAVING about this new device.

    I think I'll give it a couple more weeks, then get myself one.

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    2-HANDED w/ SUPPORT POD: This, I think, is where the MultiRig is at it's best.

    Great observation, My favorite
    Danny Natovich

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