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    it's always about the location!
    Quote Originally Posted by msconce
    thread tools, printable version I think...
    Thanks Matt, I'll look into that!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramjet1979
    Hey, Ted. I have been gone for a day, and look at what has happened. The winners have been announced. Truly awesome for JDS. That is amazing. And now I hear you're already hard at work with your next flick huh? Keep me posted kee hee hee.
    Congrats to you man for scoring up there in the charts. It was well deserved and your presence here on the boards is awesome. Thanks for that too.
    Thanks Ramjet, I appreciate the kind words and support!

    Quote Originally Posted by thekyleman71
    so inspiring. im gonna have to go out and buy me a ladder. -- i never did get my video rendered for Impossible. i feel bad... oh well, yours was most important.

    hope to keep in touch with your next project. anything you need done, you tell me. i will do it.
    Definitely go buy a ladder! A very handy item indeed!!!

    Kyle, you have been a great spirit here for me as well. I've enjoyed our exchanges and KNOW that we have an opportunity to talk more! Your enthusiasm and support are so appreciated! Best to you!

    Best to you all!


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    ah... i miss theatreguy. =)
    video editor
    portland, or

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    Hey folks! This just in....

    My film short, I.D. has been named an OFFICIAL SELECTION on Lumberyard Media's Horrorfest!!!

    It seems that they have annouced a winner, a runner-up, two official selections and a worst selection. (Thank God I didn't win that! I guarantee you would not be hearing it from me!!!) Out of 26 submissions, I tied for 3rd!

    Anyway, there is a viewer poll up and I am would love it if you had the time to go and click on my film. (Believe me, I just watched the other and I can save you the time! Not that I created a masterpiece... )

    Click to visit the site. Remember... a vote for I.D. is a vote for your fellow dvxer!!! (I am sure the other films were done on single ccd best buy specials.)



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