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    quick review of Dolgin's 4 way Battery Charger
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    I've had a chance to use this with a 90 watt solar panel out in the boondocks last week and thought I'd share my experience.

    setup=90 watt solar panel hooked to 2 twelve volt batteries on travel trailer (going through trailer's electrical system). Direct sun/clear skies.

    The unit is well built and shipped quickly. I was charging two batteries at a time and the unit recharged from empty in about 2 hours while giving constent status. In other words, it worked perfectly. I did not have the opportunity to charge all four at once.
    Using the solar panel with enough "head room" for overcast conditions (Alex from Dolgins told me it takes 50 watts for full charging of 4 batteries) made taping wildlife and scenery possible with no need for running generators for several hours every day.

    Alex also gave good customer support and feedback. I'm glad I purchased this charger.


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    Great! And thanks for the kind comments. This is the first report of using our charger powered by the solar panel :-)

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