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    Wireless storage solution to for Red?
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    OK, IMNAE (I Am Not An Engineer), so what I say here may be utter madness and totally Star Trekky in a bad way, but if possible I think it would be very cool.

    What if the way Red offloaded material it's shooting was through some kind of wireless system? Obviously, it would have to have a fat wireless pipe given the data density, but I've read how there was talk about digital broadcasting of film directly to theaters, instead of printing onto reels like today - an all digital system that would bypass the costs of film altogether.

    So, you shoot your stuff, and Red transmits it wirelessly to a storage solution that's 10 feet or 20 feet or 100 feet away. I imagine that there would be power issues, but if the distance is small, would that lessen the power requirements? And signal integrity could be assured by using some kind of hash solution or encoding to proof it against signal interference.

    That way, you wouldn't worry about changing P2 cartridges or whatever, just transmit it directly to a storage that can at that point be of any weight, look, etc.

    Is this insane?
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