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    There is a dial on the back left of the camera with numbers on it going from "f1" through "f6". These are scene files, and they control a number of internal settings of the camera. I will assume for the moment that you haven't modified any of these scene files using the on screen menu, and that they are still at their factory defaults. The most important positions for you to know are "f1" and "f5". You can read about the rest of the default scene files in the manual. "f1" gives you 60 frame per second interlaced video, which looks sharp like a news video. "f5" gives you 24 frame per second video with color correction that looks a lot like the images you see in a movie -- from film. The main things you need to know about these two settings is that the AutoFocus works very slowly in 24p (f5) mode. It takes several seconds to refocus -- not like a consumer video camera. The AutoFocus in 60i (f1) mode operates as you would expect. The other thing that you need to know is that you need to choose either 60i or 24p for an entire project or video. You can't easily mix the two different types of material on a single time line in a non-linear editing program. Select (f1) or (f5).

    Thanks Andy for that. Could you possibly take this a step further? I'm thinking of trying the F1 scene file at that 60i for my kids football game this Saturday. I used a different file for last Saturday's game (I think F3?) and was on 24P, I believe. Came out good, but would like to try something new. I had just got a Hoya circular polarizer (HD CIR-PL) and had that on the lens last week too (used 1/8 ND filter). My question is, since all the presets are at 0 right now on my F1 scene file, are there any corrections you would suggest as far as coring, detail, etc. for a sports shot on a bright sunny day AND would edit on my PC Avid software work ok with 60i? THANKS!

    Ps. I thought you had to turn the circular polarizer just right, to get it to work, but did not notice any change as I was turning.

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    WoW!!! great post.. it helped a lot...thanks

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