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    7 inch OLED display
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    OLED - The next generation of displays. Samsung invested billions for developing.
    Better contrast & energy consumption.
    Now if it was at least around 200 dpi.....

    I really like my eyes. I would like to use them with ease as long as I live. It wouldn't be fair to pay the price of poor sight for video creation.
    This current tiny displays on cams don't do wonders for my eyes on longer shootings.
    The best possible display is really necessary.
    Whatever technology is used.


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    Jim Jannard, could you please consider using QD-OLED by (QD Vision). It's different than regular OLED in the sense that it's brighter and conserve the same energy as OLED and same manufacturing cost. They have low resolution monochrome prototype, but with little development it could be turn into a product. Lifetime is also longer than OLED, equivalent Plasma Display, since the active area is Inorganic.


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