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    "Fedora 44" - mikezaz
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    Man, if I missed this thread forgive me, but there's only 1 1/2 pages to look through and I just can't find it ... so I'm starting one for it.

    Just watched the film, and have to assume this is a freshman entry. Like all the other films, I have to applaude you for at least finishing, when there were SO many drop outs, or people that never even tried for various reasons. Again, congratulations on seeing it through.

    For more believability in the future, use an older or more diverse cast. The sound was horribly lacking on this from balance to timing, and everything in between. The story also didn't make too much sense, other than a guy got his picture taken, and wanted the photos, which lead him to the guy he was originally beating up in the first place. End of story.

    And as far as super, I really didn't see this guy as a super hero at all, but more of a Leon, from THE PROFESSIONAL.
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    I couldn't find it either.

    I think he was super because he was so fast -- could pick up his hat and a gun and kill everyone in the room before you could just pick up your gun and shoot him.

    there was a cool atmosphere to this thing and I liked the color grading in the alley snapshot scene.

    my biggest ding was as per Norm above ... gotta write age approriate rolls if you are gonna use your friends or go out and get yerself some older actors.



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    You might have guessed, I'm a sucker for fedoras. You have it in your title so...

    I echo what was said above. His super hero ability was clearly being able to wear a fedora, with the rim down over his eyes, and still being able to see. That's an incredible power. It's like the guy was "all sensing" like Daredevil. I'm kidding.

    I loved the yellow car! What was that? It kind of looked like an old Porsche?
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    Guys for me this was a detective romp not superhero. You did tell a story but unfortunately I thought the acting/ lack of blood-gunshots wounds and obvious over-the-top sound fx took it all away from me. The use of young Actors and some of the lines felt forced.


    You finished it the car was ace, could have had a short built around it!
    You did your best with the shots. You told a story in an interesting way.
    Well done guys good effort.
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    like Noct vbmenu_register("postmenu_582579", true); I too like fedoras..

    really liked the scene at 5:25 "You go for the hat , I'll go for the gun"

    Found the sound to drop out in spots , making it hard to follow the story .

    Liked the idea of the Fedora being linked to his powers ..Quicknes ??

    I also like Envisions suggestion of Older men playing this role ...on the other hand I have difficulty getting the younger generation to participate in mine.

    Good effort , great idea ...would of like to seen this with sound .


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    Twas ok, but as said more like a PI movie. Should have had a different angle at 4.36 as you can tell the fedora guy missed his victom but at least 8-12 inches, yet the victom stll went down. And that with no hitting sound FX. Why did the sound die out? and at 4.49 the screen darkens up all of a sudden. The car was kool. Shot the bad guy but there was no blood on the envelope. And yea it should have been older characters for this one. Keep it up though.

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    I think everyone needs to take a second look at this film. Aside from the young cast, there's a lot going on here worth taking note of.
    First of all, congratulations on putting together sets and costumes that more or less *feel right* in a period setting. There are imperfections but the general effect is pleasant and convincing. That's not easy AT ALL, so congratulations on that.
    Secondly, your sense of timing as an editor is very good indeed. A lot of the choices in cutting (like the three cuts of the face after the car drives away) were bold and interesting. Aside from J.D.S., this was some of the most adventurous cutting I've seen in this fest.
    I'd recommend re-watching the great films noir to get a better sense of when (and how) to use flashback. Basically, redoing an entire scene in flashback is excessive, even if you're making a new point with it. You have to recap to avoid the 'reusing footage' feel. Rashomon is a great film for studying the possibilities of flashback. So is Alfred Hitchcock's "I Confess".
    You are a filmmaker. Continue to be one.

    Thanks, and see you next fest.
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