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    SuperZeros - Shaun Savard

    Hello Everyone

    This is our first entry in any "fest" you guys have held. We had alot of fun
    and a great group of people as always to help us. The short time we had
    to get together and film the sequences made this short all the better, to us
    anyways. Please comments are soo welcome, the good and the bad, it just means you watched.
    We are also working on a 9 minute extended cut with some over the top stuff, including
    a smallville spoof on how rewind
    man go this powers and his link to Knockout girl.


    Brock Manoll
    Liz Dagenais
    Mat fontaine
    Nick Bisson
    Shaun Savard
    Mark Britain
    Chelsea Malyon
    Andre Gauthier

    Music By:
    Ritual (thanks Sean)

    Special Thanks to:
    Sals Bar

    Thanks for watching!

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    Senior Member Edgen's Avatar
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    Mar 2006
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    A 9 minute version?!


    There were some pretty funny parts to the movie.
    and.. Other parts needed work.
    Acting, meh.
    The camera work is what got to me. Its like the character were waiting on the camera to pan to them to deliver their lines. Because of that, it had a hard time flowing.


    justin r. durban -
    yup & yup.

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    Mr. Hollywood Blaine's Avatar
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    I have to agree that I didn't care for the tennis match approach to shooting.

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    Senior Member MiataFilmSomething's Avatar
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    Pickerington, OH

    Some funny performances and some good lines. I enjoyed much of it. It reminded me a little of Mystery Men. Quirky fun, and portrayed it as such.


    Odd flow of some of the dialog during editing. Maybe some more action would have kept it on pace.

    Overall - Fun to watch once, but dont' know if I would again. It seemed to lack something.
    "...and knowing is half the battle. The other half is violence..."

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    Thanks for the comments so far, taking them all into consideration when finishing the extended cut. Pacing i agree probly would have been better
    had there not been some lag inbetween lines. Only wanted to spin my camera so fast (haha). Maybe that thing that was missing you will find in the longer cut.

    Thanks again!

    Are we allowed to post a trailer now does anyone know?

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    Two-Hip Shakur Beat Takeshi's Avatar
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    I still havnt gotten a chance to see this one.

    2013 Narrative Reel

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    Still Alive Mod Jack Daniel Stanley's Avatar
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    hey guys lot of fun stuff here and some pretty credible performances
    also some sturdy comic ideas and scenarios that are executed pertty well
    Stretch always having his head out of frame, the backwards dubbing, etc. all work well.

    What's getting in your way at times are some of the technical elements.

    Most noteabley the attempt to pan back and forth for all the closeups at the table.

    Doing it for the whole scene would be a tough feet at best, but there are a few technical things you have to do for this to work at all.

    Number one is that the camera cannot lead the movement. It has to be motivated by somethng else. IN other words, you cannot have a guy finish his line ... the scene stop as teh camera moves over while the other actor waits , then have him do his lime ... then the scene stops while the other actos waits for the camera to move over and so forth.

    A look at any TV show or movie will reveal that the actor begins speaking and THEN the camera either cuts or moves. The fact that the actor begins speaking while the camera is not on them is what motivates the pan or the cut.

    Otherwise, best case scenario, you get a mechanical rythm to the scene that emphasizes the fact that cutting is going on,

    or worst case scenario, as we hace here, -- Dead Air -- partucularly damaging to comedy.

    I'd try one of two things if you like for the DVD version assuming we all get on it.
    1) cut the video so that one line of dialogue comes immediatley after the other and then cut to the speaker. I think your pause before the movement is big enough to do this so that it might look like standard closeups with out any whip in between. So again you'd be on the guy finishing his line and then you would hear the next line almost immediately, and then you would cut to that speaker. You might also play with inserting others closeups while they aren't speaking as well, so we see how they are listening / taking the comments of the speaker
    2) alternately, isolate the pan between speakers and speed it up and perhaps add a small swish or woosh sound effect.

    Again there are lots of good and funny ideas in this.



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    Senior Member Kaz's Avatar
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    Jack pretty much said all I wanted to say. However, I will add that the part where Stretch puts his arm around Flamer was H I L A R I O U S.

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    Thanks for your input both of you. Points well taken thanks Jack.
    Was kinda trying to base the movement on that 70's show when there in the
    basement. As for the arm, it was one of those things we just decided to do when we got there haha not really scripted at all. I tried the cuts like you suggested Jack but some of the parts don't match up quite right. I'm going to try the speed up with sound today see how that looks. Maybe i could send you a clip and get your opinion.

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    Senior Member Aaron Marshall's Avatar
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    I like the title. Your characters were pretty funny. I think if you fixed the whipping around dialog scenes it would improve x10. I thought the flamer dude was funny. Some of it reminded me of something out of a John Waters movie. I could kind of feel that 70's show after you mentioned it. It felt very sitcomish which is cool because that seems like what you were going for.

    groovy stuff
    Music & Film : | | Vimeo |

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