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    Hey -
    I liked this film, particularly the costume of the main character. I also liked the moment when he poses in the mirror...a little bit of superhero vanity to brighten up the day.
    Maintaining the pace of action is obviously a key thing here. Running out of one frame and strolling into the next is a risky choice, it makes your audience feel the urgency has passed already.
    And the invisibility FX - I can't help but feel something more could have been done with that. The best effects are done with editing, not with AE. What the audience wants is to feel like something magical has happened - if you show it to them, unless you're Aram Bauman or somebody like that, it's basically going to be a let-down. Don't be afraid to hide things if you do it well.
    Best of luck, and see you next fest.
    Red 143 - Viva Jannard!

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    cool stuff!
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