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    This was a charming film, and it had a lot of excellent qualities. The young performers were surprisingly talented, and carried a fair amount of weight on screen. The lead actor had a surprisingly low voice.
    The cutting was peppy and kept the pace flowing nicely. In a self-indulgent indie world where tons of projects drag because directors won't kill their babies, it's nice to see a director not treat his own work with kid gloves. This film is a model of pacing--mostly.
    Which leads me to the weakness - the scripting, especially the ending. This ending is a terrible cop-out, and the joke is roughly timed, undercutting the humor of the situation. Holding so long on each shot drags the final joke out and leaves the viewer with a kind of soggy feeling at the end of the film. If you're going to make a film with an ending this frustrating, at least end it quickly, please.
    Some of the framing was questionable - I often had trouble making out people's expressions, which after all is the easiest way to convey emotion in film. Those reflective glasses kept hiding the lead's eyes. Be careful with placement of lights when your lead has glasses.
    Fun film, see you next fest.
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    thanks for the honest feedback. i know what i have to work on for the next one... this has been a great experience. now on to Horror FEST!
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    Loved this film, though a lot of the criticisms above hold true...

    I think I could more patient with this film because I could identify with these kids. In high school years, I and a couple of friends were stunt artists, doing crazy stuff, like going to school wearing pajamas all day and the like. For that one we were actually doing something constructive, promoting the high school musical, "Pajama Game" but other times we'd do crazy stuff just for the kick of it... It was a pretty boring place and we just wanted to "shake it up." Of course, we were no super heros like these kids!!!

    I think his overhearing the senior's and their devious plans could have been staged better. Maybe our hero drops his glasses through the football field bleachers and climbs down below blindly searching for them when the seniors sit above him and discuss their plans. Or maybe our central character is searching for a book in the library and overhears the wispering on the other side of the book shelves. Or he uses a stall in the men's room. The seniors come in to smoke. (our hero silently struggles not to cough or sneeze from the smoke) He hears the plan discussed and slowly raises his feet knowing if he's caught, its the end. The seniors start checking the stalls, but before the last one the smoke detector finally kicks in and they flee. Our hero has to climb out the bathroom window to escape so he won't be accused of smoking also. He runs home to make the call. The hallway moment, while effective, seemed a little too utiltity.

    Despite its flaws and meandering moments, this was one of my favorites...

    The music was really good.

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