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    Is this a scam?
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    I spoke with the rep today we didn't discuss prices but she sent me an app form and I NEVER heard of a film festival costing more then $75 dollar if not why so much money to submit?


    Dear Filmmaker,

    Welcome to the New York International Independent Film And Video Festival! We are the largest Indie Film Festival in the world. Founded in 1993 by Stuart Alson, The Festival is recognized by the film and entertainment industry as the leading film event on the Independent Festival Circuit. Presenting a tri-coastal for several years, we are now thrilled to introduce our fourth festival in the series, which premiered in Miami February 2004. We now showcase films in the four premiere entertainment capitals of the nation. The Festival features cinema from all around the globe, including films from England, Ireland, Spain, France, Argentina, Germany, Australia and Slovenia, and of course there are many films from the USA as well.

    The Festival hosts 10-day screenings in NY, LA, MI & LV events. We showcase over 300 features, shorts, animations and documentaries. Each festival is fully publicized and attract huge audiences of filmgoers, industry representatives, major buyers for TV and film, as well as extensive media coverage in such outlets as Time Out, The New York Times, New York Post, Village Voice, Las Vegas Weekly, LA Weekly and the LA Times. Our Festival participants also have the opportunity to screen internationally at high-profile film markets such as Cannes, MIFED, AFM. and NAtPE. Filmmakers in the past have also participated in our "best selected films" which tour at the FIC Film Festival in Brasilia.

    The festival in New York City is a 10-day event with an opening night gala! This event is an interactive extravaganza featuring a display of both film and art where the whole spectrum of the entertainment industry participates: Distributors, Production Companies, Record Labels, Casting and Modeling Agencies, along with the International Press Corps and Media. This is a great opportunity for Festival participants to promote their work and network with key people in the industry on the lookout for new faces and fresh talent. Representatives from Miramax, USA Pictures, Fine Line, Fox Searchlight, New Yorker Films, Killer Films, Lions
    Gate, Paramount, Sony Classics and Cablevision are regular attendees.

    Dates for the festivals:

    New York May 2006
    Los Angeles September 2006

    Entry Fee as follows:
    Shorts/documentary (60 minutes or less):
    $300.00 (short films less than 60 minutes) for one City: NY, LA (Circle the State you want)
    $600.00 (short films less than 60 minutes) for two Cities: NY, LA (Circle the States you want)

    Features & Films (60 minutes or over):
    $400.00 (features and films over 60 minutes) for one city: NY, LA (Circle the State you want)
    $800.00 (features and films over 60 minutes) for two cities: NY, LA (Circle the States you want)

    Screening locations for past festivals are as follows:

    New York
    Village East Cinemas, 181 2nd Avenue at 12th Street
    Los Angeles
    Laemmle Fairfax Theatre: 7907 Beverly Blvd (at Fairfax)
    Raleigh Studios; 662 Van Ness Ave., Hollywood

    The following is a list of films that have achieved success through exhibition at the Festival. Our purpose is help you - the film artist - to make the most of your screening and to create as much buzz and exposure for your work as possible.
    After the Storm
    The Good-bye Girl showed in our festival aired in TBS
    Speedway Junkie showed in our festival distributed by Regent
    Interview with an Assassin in video stores.
    The Playaz Court showed in our festival and ditributed by Artisan
    So Many Women, So Little Hair-short from our festival-HBO
    Corrine Day Diary--BBC in Europe
    RXMAS Abel Ferrara film Premiered in our festival and distributed by Artisan
    The Smokers: audience award in all video stores and on cable
    -Liberty Stands Still: Premiered in our Las vegas festival distributed by Lions Gate
    in all video stores and on cable.
    -The Persuit of Hapiness: in all video stores and on cable.
    -Dead in The Water: video and cable.
    The Butterfly Effect: The filmmakers first film Blunt premiered in our festival.
    Speed For Thespians: Academy Award nominee for best live action short, 2002
    - Lost in Perishing Point Hotel: Theatrical release in Los Angeles, 2002
    - Adios Patria: Documentary narrated by Andy Garcia (PBS)
    -Jane Doe: World Premiere. Best Picture. Distributed by Uniplex (starring Calista Flockhart)
    -A Brooklyn State of Mind: Best Picture Distributed by Artisan Entertainment (starring: Danny Aiello
    -New Rose Hotel New York Premiere Distributed by Lions Gate and Sterling Entertainment. (starring Christopher Walken and Willem Defoe - directed by Abel Ferrara)
    -Tap water: Most Promising Maker Award - Distributed by Prescription Films.
    -La Cucaracha, NY Premier - Distributed by Paramount (starring Eric Roberts: Best Actor Award)
    -Desperate But Not Serious: World Premiere - Distributed by Franchise Pictures (Best Romantic Comedy: starring Claudia Schiffer)
    -The Outfitters: World Premier Distributed by the Sundance Channel (starring Dana Delaney)
    -Restaurant: Distributed by Palisades Pictures. Best Picture (starring Adrienne Brody, Elise Neil, Malcolm Jamal Warner and Lauren Hill)
    -One Last Chance: Narrated by Lawrence Fishburne (Aired on PBS)
    -Tannebess: Short film aired on BET and Showtime
    -Amy Stiller's Breast: Distributed by (starring Ben Stiller)
    -Kings: Short Film Aired on B ET. and Showtime
    -Blink Of The Eye: World Premier, Best Feature/Best Director (Filmmaker signed by the Gersh Agency)
    -Kings Of Zero: Best Screenplay (Produced by ITN)
    -Travis: Documentary about a young boy with AIDS (aired on PBS)
    -Timothy Leary/Last Trip Documentary: Distributed by Fox Lorber
    -Sordid Lives: Feature Film Picked Regent (Gods monsters)
    -Just For The Time Being: (NY premiere) Theatrical release for this feature directed by NY award winner Gil Brenton and starring Eva Herzigova Now distributed world-wide By ITN Distribution
    -A Packing Suburbia (NY Premiere) Theatrical Release in New York, LA and Canada directed by NY award winner Stephen J. Szklarski
    -Malavana: Winner Best Photography NYIIFVF 2002; Winner Best International Feature NYIIFVF 2002; picked up by Minerva Pictures Group
    -When Thugs Cry: picked up by HawkFilms
    -Our Burden is Light: picked up by RGH/Lions Share Pictures
    -Soap Girl: Winner Audience Award 2002 Big Bear Lake Int'l Film Festival; Winner Official Selection award 2003 Riverside Int'l Film Festival; picked up by Leapfrog Productions
    -Swimming Upstream: Winner Best Dramatic Feature at Angelciti Film Festival; picked up by RGH/Lions Share Productions; assoc. Media Entertainment
    -Hope, Gloves, and Redemption: Winner Grand Jury Prize for Documentary at 2001 NYIIFVF; Winner Best Cinematography at 2001 NYIIFVF; picked up by RGH/Lions Share Pictures
    -Ocean Park: Winner Best Feature at NYIIFVF; Winner Best Actor at NYIIFVF; picked up by Echelon Entertainment; assoc. Surf Digital Films
    -Follow Me Outside: picked up by Cinemavault Releasing
    -No Deposit, No Return: *Best Feature Film* (2000 NYIIFVF)- RGH/Lions Share Pictures; assoc. Cravin Entertainment, inc.
    -SF: *Grand Festival Award* (Berkeley Film Festival)*Feature Film Winner* (Telluride Indiefest) *Selected Feature* (Bangkok Film Festival) *Selected Feature* (NY Indie Festival) - RGH/Lions Share Pictures; assoc. Sheng Dynasty Productions
    -If Tomorrow Comes: RGH/Lions Share Pictures; assoc. Fatty Pictures
    -Wannabes: picked up by Artison; available in Blockbuster and other Stores; NYIIFVS award displayed on back of DVD &VHS. Film makers recently finished new film SEARCHING FOR ROBERT DENIRO.
    -Big Apple: distributed by ITN distribution; Sold Internationally to Germany at Cannes film market
    -The Jar and Fables of Bahyavah: Distributed by ITN distribution; Sold animation internationally to Yugoslavia at Cannes market 2003
    -Zombie Planet picked up by Academy Entertainment

    All applicants are notified within one week if they have been accepted into our Festival. Participants whose work is unaccepted will receive a full refund, an in-depth critique of their work, recommendations for other festival competitions plus two V.I.P. event passes worth. These passes allow the bearer entry into the Opening Gala Film Market and entry into our festival screenings in New York or LA, and permit access to all post-screening parties! Please submit a VHS DVD or PAL screening copy of your film registration form (see below); synopsis/biography and press kit (if available). Make check or money order or wire transfer details see below (US dollars) payable to the NEW YORK INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT FILM AND VIDEO FESTIVAL. The mailing address is 505 E. Windmill Lane Suite 1B-102 Las Vegas, NV 89123

    Registration Form:

    Title of Project:__________________________________________ ______________________

    Director: __________________________________________________ ___________________

    Producer(s):______________________________________ ____________________________

    Production Company:__________________________________________ _________________

    Address___________________________________________ ___________________________

    __________________________________________________ __________________________

    City state zip: __________________________________________________ ______________

    Country:__________________________________________ ____________________________

    Home Phone:____________________________________________ _____________________

    Work Phone:____________________________________________ ______________________

    Fax:______________________________________________ ____________________________

    Email:____________________________________________ ____________________________

    FOOTAGE: # of Reels ___ Date Film Completed:_______

    In English ___ Subtitled___

    GENRE: Action___ Drama___ Children ___ Comedy___ Romantic___ Horror___ Thriller ____ Experimental ___Fiction ___ Non- Fiction___ Other________________

    CATEGORY: Feature_____ Documentary____ Short Subject____ Animation_____Music Video

    FORMAT: 35mm_____ 16mm_____ Digital Video_____ Beta SP_____

    SCREENING FORMAT: _____________

    RUNNING TIME: __________________

    Was this project submitted to other festival(s)? Yes___ No___
    (If yes, which festival(s)?
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________
    Has your film won any awards? Yes____ No_______ (if yes, please list below)
    Award Festival
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________
    Do you have any completed short/feature length screenplays that have not yet been produced ? Yes_____No_____(if yes, please list below)

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    How were you introduced to us? Friend____ Filmmaker ____ Mail _____ Internet_______ Ad___ Name of Magazine/Paper__________________

    Please write a brief "Tagline" style synopsis (write clearly as this may be used for the official festival brochure):
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ________________________________________

    Please attach biography and filmography of director as well as cast list and credits.

    Will you be attending the festival? Yes _____ No____

    This application is for NY May 2006___ Los Angeles September 2006___

    NYIIFVF Representative Olga Sobol

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _______________________________


    I indemnify and hold harmless the New York Int'l Independent Film & Festival against any and all claims resulting from public display of my entry. I grant permission to have portions of this work reproduced for publicity purposes in connection with this festival. Although every precaution will be made, the Festival cannot be responsible for loss, damage, or return of the entries. I understand that I am responsible for shipping costs of all materials. I hereby guarantee that I am the owner of this work and have authority to grant permission for the above. I understand that if my work is not accepted, I will receive a full refund. I further understand that due to the amount of work preparing for the festivals and rentals of theaters there are no refunds for any other reason.

    Sign here: ________________________Print name: ___________

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    Holy crap, that's expensive, and double holy crap for the longest post ever.

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    It's not unheard of... I used to do some work for the Peabody Awards and I think entry into those is about $400. They offer grants that potential entrants can apply for, so maybe there's something like that available for this festival?
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    and it does say that if the film is not accepted you recieve a full refund, plus a critique, wich is a very nice offer.

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    Don't ever pay $300 to enter your film in a festival, guaranteed or otherwise, that's pretty ridiculous.

    Do a search on the internet and you will find some interesting articles about this particular festival. Basically, they won't stop at asking you for just a few hundred dollars, and oh yeah, scheduling and screening your film? You have to arrange that yourself.

    I'll see if I can find that link, but in the meantime, you are better off spending your money on something else.


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    Very, very, very well-known outfit. I strongly advise that you do your research on this one.

    Basically, if you can't get accepted anywhere else in the world, NYIIFVF will accept you. So the only films that pay that fee are the ones that no other festival in the world would take. So -- you can imagine how well-respected and well-attended it is... IndieWire wrote a scathing piece on them a few years ago.

    And once you sign up for their exorbitant "entry fee", then they descend upon you to sell you more more more -- you want to be in our brochure, right? You want a booth, right? You want us to take you to Cannes, right? Just keep shelling out the thousands and thousands...

    ... and in the end, what will you get for all this?

    Entry in a "festival" that no credible acquisition exec will attend because they all know that the only films in this "festival" are the ones that couldn't get accepted in any other, right?

    Well, anyway, do your due diligence, and especially try to find that old IndieWire article, or look up the volumes of information written up on this outfit (and "AngelCiti") over on

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    Ah, intriguing -- while I was typing, Garrett wrote in to say basically the exact same thing...

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    Yeah, familiar with this one... it's a ripoff!
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    haha.. my friend Won the Heeb Film festival in London. Then he got invited to this. Heeb Paid for it so he put it in, but it was Awful. 3 of the filmmakers didint even show up to their own screening.

    But Max(my freind)'s Film was actually quite excellent. The film that won, was a animation, made in MAya by newbies, which BTW was AWful... but it was Computer generated, so it won... So lame. Oh well he Works directly for the Weinstein Brothers now... so it paid off or him in the end.
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