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    Definitely the 50mm f1.4 - it approximates the human eye's angle of view, and is the most versatile focal length: move in for a nice shallow dof, or step back for reasonably wide shots.

    I wouldn't get hung up on what 50mm 'means', but generally think of lens focal lengths in three categories:

    wide angles (35mm or less in focal length)
    'normal' (35mm-65mm)
    telephoto (85mm +)

    eventually you'll want one of each. I'd probably look for a good 35mm or 28mm focal length next. FDs are so inexpensive you can get fast lenses for not much $$ at all.

    Also consider Canon FL lenses, the precursor to FD lenses, which are also excellent buys.



    PS - in case you absolutely have to know: the focal length of a lens is defined as the distance in mm from the optical center of the lens to the focal point
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    That was a great read. It was very helpful, now I can start building up my collection of lenses =D
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