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    Holy crap Chris! That's amazing! LOL, I downloaded it and will be dumping that onto my ipod, I really like it.

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisHurn

    Welcome to Nice music, you should really get a project here with that!

    I really encourage you to get a website though - team up with a web designer, maybe someone starting their portfolio or something (you could get it for free). You'll find you'll get a lot of people commenting on your music, and more projects will come your way!

    Good luck and again, welcome to DVXuser.

    EDIT: Just started working on a new demo. Any comments so far?

    Twitter: jayscorsese

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    Hi there,

    I'm Sid, filmcomposer from The Netherlands and a local on V.I. Control. I mostly write orchestral works, either concertworks or for film/games and other media. Here's my site with some of my work:

    Great site, thanks for linking me Herman.

    Siddhartha Barnhoorn
    Award-winning Film, Television & Video Game Composer

    Composed music for:
    - Tears in the Rain (a Blade Runner prequel short film) -
    - Beyond (a Spielberg-inspired adventure film) -
    - Embrace Life seatbelt commercial. -
    - Video games like Planet Alpha, Antichamber & Out There series.

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    I'd also like to say a big 'THANKS' to the composers who have joined up here - I think this collaborative effort will GREATLY improve the quality of the movies being produced here. I've listened to every piece that I could find, and I must say that I am very impressed with your talents!

    Looking forward to working with y'all!!!
    Mike McNeese
    Director of Photography

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    Film Music Composer & Sound Design
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    [quote=Brandon Rice;467103]Hey all... I frequent some other forums once in awhile, and I've acquired a few links to some composers looking for projects. I will try and make a list with some links on this thread. Keep in mind, they probably don't know about this competition, but I am taking the liberty of posting their sites on here, forseeing they would like work on some projects. ...

    I'm being really cheeky here Brandon and adding my own - is this OK?

    All my very best wishes, looking forward to hearing from you soon.
    David Beard - UK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frederick Russ View Post
    Hi guys,

    Frederick Russ here - owner of VI Control Forum. Nice site you have here!

    I'm an orchestral & ethnic composer and sound designer with a bent towards film and interactive media. For examples be sure to check out my webpage:

    You'll hear audio and see video clips there as well. Thanks!


    Frederick Russ
    Hi All,

    Been awhile - just correcting these links. Check out our new site Soaring Music because we would love to work with some excellent up and coming film talent, thanks.

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    This is great you guys.
    For all of you composers out there who are looking for short film projects.
    My name is Alex Magno and I am a director/choreographer ( and I am currently under pre-production for "Rhapsody Of Innocence" a low budget short musical fantasy (Mini35 Digital Film - shot on a HVX200+RedRock Cinema Adapter + Nikon Lenses and etc.) and I am looking for composers and lyricist to score the film an also to write musical segment of the film.
    The film is based on the crises of "Child Soldiering" in the 3rd world. If this is your type of project and you would like to be involved, please submit your bio, a resume along with sample links of your work to:
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    Hey all,

    I've been a lurker around this site for quite a while

    Anyways thought I'd throw myself into the mix here.

    Demos here :

    (main site:


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