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    The Odd Squad
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    By Jack Stanley (Jdanstan)

    For anyone whose life was changed a little or a lot by Katrina, Rita, or their siblings.

    The ODD Squad

    Written, Directed, Shot, Cut, Mixed, Composited by Jack Daniel Stanley

    Produced by Cammie West and French Quarter Features

    Makeup FX by Tanner

    Det. Joe ……………… Dane Rhodes
    Det. Pitt …………….. Travis Champagne
    Blue…………………………. Tanner
    Handvil……………………... Michael Sullivan
    Maggie……………………… Katy Chisolm

    Assistant Director…………… Marcus Stanley

    Line Producer……………….. Elaina Rodriguez

    Focus Puller…………………. Shane Martin
    Production Coordinator……... Megan Uebelacker
    Best Boy……………………... Sean Patterson
    Outerspace VFX consultant….. Norm Sanders

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    Really nice effort. Of course, I kinda thought the kid was an odd but that's not the point is it? It's how his partner handles the whole thing. Loved the "big easy" feel, too. I'll be going back to his one later.

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    i liked that a lot...i was expecting something special (after "shed") and got it. it´s just the style (as hudson mentioned hip & cool) that really made it one of my favorites. the music, the setting, the blue face, the green shirts...just cool, without taking itself too seriously...and a little dramatic at the end. those are the ingredients i really enjoy

    good job...and the guys from new orleans set the bar really high.

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    Yeah, Jack. You think my film will kick your ass, but I beg to differ. This was one killer-cool flick. Acting was top notch and it looked fabulous. The FX were suitably cheesy and the dialogue was a real stand-out.

    I'm with John. Top 5 goodness.

    Wish we weren't all leaving the Big Easy, man. I really wanted to work with you.

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    Not bad.
    Even though I was expecting some seriousness to the whole short after that "deep" intro and Voiceover.
    Then it cuts to this goofy guy in blue makeup and took me out of the story.

    The shift in tones throughout from comedy to serious drama just didnt work for me.

    Your two lead actors were fantastic, especially the "gruff, tough, cop" who seems like he stepped right out of a noir film.

    The cinematography was decent and the entire car sequence was very well put together.

    The warehouse scene was cool, but again those "odds" just werent believable and were just too goofy for me to take seriously. But I guess that is what you were going for, idk.

    But, all in all, a decent short. Keep it up.

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    Great to watch.

    Jack tell me about the tech stuff. Your film looked great!

    Lenses? Adapters? Filters? Color Correction?


    If there wasw an award for best hand held camera work you would win. Nice and never annoying or trying too hard to be "hand held for that edgy look"

    Very solid work all around.

    Wish I had 100 posts.


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    OK! This is by far my favorite of all the films I've seen (About 75%). I loved the groovy 70s feel to it. Everything worked. The editing was cool, and the shots were perfect. THIS WAS AWESOME! Made me laugh a few times too! Excellent, excellent work. Great acting too! No negative critique here bro. awesome work!
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    Unfortunately, I'm just not going to have time to go into any in-depth reviews of people's films but Jack, this is my favorite. There are only a handful or less of the entries that really felt like a film to me and this was one of them. The story was a little weak and "seen it before" for me but it was still compelling to watch. Cinematography and the look of what I'm assuming is your Letus35 really helped sell the idea of an actual film.

    Acting was very good in my opinion and you used the hurricane aftermath footage tastefully.

    I think if you stick with this filmmaking thing, you will really go places. For all the talking you do on the board, you have an equal amount of talent to back it up.

    Nice job.

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    Wow - great opening. The blowback from the blast with the girl on the bike was great. Really grabs you from the beginning.

    I had no trouble with the juxtaposition between the "Mike Hammer" film noire feel and the 70's series feel (I was kinda waiting for a blue Huggy Bear to jump out of the shadows). Given my drothers, I would probably have lost the hand-turning-into-an-anvil gag, but that's just me.

    There was one music transition that didn't work for me (i.e. there was no transition, just a jump) where you cut from the car to the arrival at the warehouse.

    Other than that, this is a great short (one of my favourites) - I have no idea why more people aren't commenting on it, but give it a little more time. They'll find quality.

    Thanks for your efforts.
    God: Every time I try to talk to someone it's "sorry this" and "forgive me that" and "I'm not worthy"... (Monty Python and the Holy Grail, 1975)

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    i just watched it again and liked it even here are a few questions:

    1. i loved your CC (especially outdoors) how did you get that look?
    2. did you really use the letus35? how does it perform compared to G35 (i know the tech stuff after reading hundreds of threads,while waiting for G35) but all the demos i´ve seen from the letus couldn´t compete with G35, but yours looks way better...

    for some reason i was waiting for closer shots in the car scene (intensity) and that´s the only thing i´d complain about, what do you think?

    again, great job

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