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    Film Discussion Guidelines
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    Feel free to help us out with links to the film and/or grabs from the film. Most of you start a thread with:

    Superfly Movie

    Looks good.

    And then thats it. Come on man. Give us some screengrabs, links to trailers. Make us want to participate in the thread and not run all over the web trying to find out what friggin film your even talking about



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    Film Discussion Guidelines
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    Hey DVXusers,

    Just a couple quick rules so we can set the groundwork for discussing films.
    • Donít threadcrap. If someone posts about a film and you donít like it, feel free to state your reasons why you didnít enjoy it. However, donít come blasting with ďThe Guns of NavaroneĒ and say, ďGee, Jane Whatsherface sucks. She makes me ill. I spit on her.Ē Not cool. Say it once, back it up, and move on.

    • Donít register under multiple user IDís and then proceed to have a conversation about a film with yourself. Ever thought of doing this? Sound crazy? It is. Donít do it. We will find out and ban you. Hudson will find out and pay you a visit.

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