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This is being sold in a bundle with Resolve, as noted. Is there anything to stop a buyer of that bundle selling on the Speed Editor and keeping Resolve or vice-versa? Iím wondering if I could pick up a cheap copy of Resolve from someone who already has Resolve but wants the Speed Editor.
There's nothing to stop buyers from reselling parts of the bundle.
I see nothing wrong about it.
After purchasing Resolve Studio (activation code) few years ago, few months ago I purchased the BMPCC 6K and recently the BMPCC 6K pro cameras. Each camera comes with Resolve Studio license (activation code). I resold the license (activation codes) at a reduced price here in the For Sale forum.
Nothing wrong about it. Both seller and buyer are benefitted and are happy.
Now I ordered the Resolve Studio with a dongle license, with the free Speed Editor. I consider the price paid as paid for the Speed Editor alone. Plus, I see a benefit in having dongle license as well, for cases I may not have Internet connection.