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    Artifacts on the videowith my d7100 łnikon and the 35mm 1.8 lens. Need your help
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    Hallo my friends,

    i'm having issues during the filming of these interviews with my Nikon d7100 and the prime lens 35mm.
    Can i ask your help in the understanding of these artifacts i'm finding on the dark areas of the footage? Is it grain? I don't think so...
    I'm filming in Manual mode with Flat profile and aperture at 3,5 /4 ; 1/50th shutter speed and 200 ISO.
    What's wrong with it?

    the quality on youtube is compressed but i really hope you could help
    Thank you

    p.s The footage is straight from the camera

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    The link doesn't work. It's an older camera and video isn't Nikon strength. If you're going to get noise the shadows is where it shows up. Not sure if you have the money/desire to upgrade to newer camera...

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