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    SRW 9000Pl and External Recorder
    So I am debating an external recorder for the 9000pl. The camera exports 3g sdi in Psf format which should be the same as the F3 which would make it compatible with any external recorder that the F3 supports. Is my thinking correct and does anyone know if the F3 can trigger recording on an external recorder?


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    Yes the F3 can trigger record for sure
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    Thank you, I had been seeing that online but preferred to have confirmation before I went any further.

    This is great news since I have been playing around with the camera and reading over the manual again. I have now got the camera set up so it will record as normal with auto fans, a red talley light, etc... with a tape in the deck but will trigger auto fans, a green talley light, etc... without a tape in the deck. You can customize the talleys color to know if its recording externally or to the deck, I have it being red to tape and green for external. With the camera's 3G out being basically the same as the F3 I should be able to trigger an external recorder without a tape in the deck just by pressing the record button. In the manual it states that it is designed to work with external recorders like the SRW-1 and the NanoFlash from convergent design, the last one gives me hope that it should trigger record on the Odyssey.

    This would be awesome since it would basically be a fully functioning camera recording to an external recorder. I could use the external recorder to get 10bit 444 up to 30P and 50P at 442 or use tape to get 10bit 444 up to 50P, Select FPS, Ramping, Interval recording and cache recording all the extra features that are lost normally with an external recorder. After the fact the external recorder could also be used to capture the tape or even record as a backup externally, although I prefer to use the SRW-1 to spread the usage of the drums. If I am understanding the manual it can still trigger the external recorder while using the deck. The camera also has an option to monitor and record from and input SDI rather than the sensor block so it may even be possible to review recordings from the external recorder in the VF which would be pretty cool. The input appears to be limited to 10bit 422 and I am not sure if something like the Odyssey can output in 422 from a recorded 444 source. If anyone knows this I would love to hear.

    In other interesting news it also appears that 12bit recording was added as an option for the camera in anticipation for the solid state upgrade but as far as I can tell my camera won't allow me to use it. It shows up hidden away in a menu format list but is grayed out, I am attempting to contact Sony about it and see if there is any method of accessing it but I am not too optimistic on that front. That would be the last missing piece though, there is a bit of a misconception about this camera being much bigger and more power hungry due to the built in deck but in reality its not that big of a difference. The 9000PL uses 60watts and the F35 uses 56watts, The 9000PL is 6.9KG and the F35 with IF box is 5.6KG and the 9000PL is basically the same height as the F35 with IF box, its actually 1/4" shorter, but is 2" narrower while being 1.4" longer (With the IF box on the back). Total volume of the 9000PL is actually less than the F35 and IF box but not by much and I personally prefer its form factor.

    Next step is to track down an Odyssey and see how it all goes.

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    Just note, that you may need a tape inside the camera too. Once it runs out it will stop recording. I doubt it will send a record flag if it doesn’t have a tape inside. It makes sense from a fail safe mechanism. In the end the 3G output could be for monitoring purposes. For example, the F35 does not send rec flag through the IF Box or into the SRW-1. The flag is via GPIO. Only Monitor outs send rec flag when the appropriate recorder is connected.

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