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    Heat management role
    My initial doubts confirmed.

    Besides, confirmed by Max Yuryev's tech channel on their heads-up too:

    Forget the Air, buy the Mini instead if you are on budget.

    - E.
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    TL;DR Seems like the issue is the MacBook Air doesn't have a fan and uses thermal throttling to control heat, and that (at least for a few programs and developers I'm friendly with), rendering/streaming/editing performance can drop by 50-percent or more. So save the Air for writing, email, and office apps.

    And the Mini and MBP do have fans and don't have that issue. Good CPU meh GPU...But that's with the M1... Will be interesting to see what comes out next year.

    We have a 16GB M1 MBP on order... Should arrive this or next week. Have a small limited need for now (mobile streaming). We'll see how it goes.
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