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Dahopa your attitude is commendable and indicitive of a well balanced individual who understands what really matters in life. I totally respect your view point. However, most people have been pretty careful to not rant or get pissed, but just to express their frustration.

Not to be a "Wal-Mart GReeter" but -- I think both sides of this coin are perfectly valid.

And I'm not just trying to be mister let's get along I really think that dual perspective is not only possible but legitimate.

If I didn't get on the DVD I would be bummed. It's a cool thing to show your friends all neatly packaged etc. Not to mention that up until that cut it's been a completely community, group, all enclusice process. So I would be bummed - I worked hard on my short and would want to know that that little message in a bottle I sent out there had as far reaching an impact as possible.

So people feel attached to their films - they are in many cases their babies.

But, the fact that these contests draw a lot of attention to the forum not withstanding, Jarred is also justified in feeling bitched at for running out of cheeze dip when he didn't have to buy cheese dip or one keg of domestic, AND one keg of import, etc. in the first place, all because he wanted to throw the coolest party on the block.

So it's completely right to feel bummed about getting something you poured your heart and soul into cut from the final showcase


Its comepletley right to feel pooped on when you've overextended yourself and your resources in the first place to do something cool for the gang.
Exactly, Jack!

I give and have given Jarred a world of credit for all he did/does for the site and the Zombiefest while working professionally. I don't know how he manages to do it all and have it run as smoothly as it does. I appreciate every bit of energy he put into the Zombiefest and I think everyone would agree that overall it was an amazing experience and that's all because of Jarred.

I'm sure the Sci-Fest will only be better. I can hardly wait to sit by the computer all giddy downloading a crap load of your guys' movies to watch with a huge ass bucket of popcorn.

Now, back to my X Box 360 and getting my ass whipped by some 13 year old kid in Kansas in Call of Duty 2. Little bastard.