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    P2 workflow in Catalina?
    I'm trying to squeeze what I can out of my aged HPX170. I love this camera, it's taught me so much, especially coming from a long history in stills. The codec seems pretty robust and the form factor is far better than a dslr or mirrorless. But all good things move on... before this one does, I'm hoping there's some reasonable workaround for offloading of footage now that Panasonic P2 apps aren't viable on Catalina, and I can't figure out how to do a simple ingest to disk (not import to project) in Premiere. Would prefer to transcode after offloading. Any thoughts? Is Barry still around? Also wondering if Panasonic will revisit P2 Viewer and/or CMS. I suppose I'll look into Prelude and Bridge, see if there are some options there. Thanks.

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    Hey Loyd,
    I am working in Linux right now and still using my HVX200 quite successfully. One thing you might try is the open source app VLC. It can ingest just about any video file I have come across and it can transcode them to something else.
    Worth a shot.
    Good luck.
    Oh and VLC works on any system out there, Mac, PC whatever. The Swiss army knife for video work.
    MDKfilms - Sound & Film production

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    I am still using my two HPX371 P2 cameras and recently moved to a 2020 macbook pro with Big Sur.

    Yes the panasonic P2 software stopped working but I still have them on a 2012 macbook pro but this transcoding software from Divergent seems to work fine on the 2020 mac.

    You can download a free version to try here:
    Over 15 minutes in broadcast film and tv production:

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