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    Putting loaded system drive in a different computer?
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    I expect this will break all sorts of things but here goes..

    If I have an SSD with Win7 installed with all my software in a working PC and I take that SSD out and put it in a different PC, what will happen?
    Will windows attempt to boot and recognize all the different hardware and start trying to update drivers? Can you eventually get it to work?
    If the new system has mostly identical hardware will it work?
    If the new system has vastly different hardware will Windows just not work at all?

    Trying to determine a faster way to move to a better machine without having to re-load all my programs and software which will take a full day (if I can even find all my installers and they still activate)

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    If you boot into safe mode, it might work. Then you could install all the drivers and reboot to functional. ANY software that relies on GUID numbers for system parts to activate may fail, that includes the OS. Processor, hard drive, network card numbers are popular things to use for this activation scheme. Change one and you are normally OK, change all of them and you are usually sunk.

    Clonezilla the drive and give it a try and see what happens, but no guarantee.

    I will say that our CS6 has been mostly working on Win10, but we don't push it hard, and mostly only use Audition.

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