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    I’ve only used the focus motor. That works fine. It’s manual.
    What do you mean funny? Like a clown? Do I amuse you?! Huh??!!

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    I think you got good results with the 90d I have the 70d and its a lot worse. Same for it if I want 60p I have to shoot 720p which I refuse and use 1080 at 30p instead. I don't slow it down as much. I don't see a difference with All-I but maybe that's because I rarely do slowmo.

    Btw I've been recently thinking of getting the RSC2 and pair it with a sony either the A6600 which has one of the best AF you can buy, its apsc but that might be a benefit to keep things in focus, the second option is the A7c which is basically the same camera the latest and best af, unfortunately its more expensive and when you throw in the full frame glass it gets even more expensive, has rolling shutter, and not an ideal form factor for other types of work, also no 4k 60. The last option is either the A73 currently on sale or ideally the A74 if they release it soon.

    The final option is a completely different approach. I've been using a GoPro on dji karama gimbal. The setup is ridiculously light and simple to use. The only drawback is the low light performance is atrocious so its mainly an outdoor low budget solution. But I found an even better option, the iPhone 12 Max. It's shock how good it looks, 4k/60, super screen, ultra light, amazing af, great stabilization, even hdr if you want dip your toe into it. The biggest advantage is the dof, the portability, you can either go hand held or use a phone gimbal, and because you always have your phone with you, you can pull at a moments notice. I currently have ballet job where shallow dof won't work because they're moving too quickly to get proper focus. It might not look the most profession but the versatility and quality is shocking.

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