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    Well, yes, but with a potential misunderstanding.

    The scene file should absolutely remain constant and untouched regardless of the WB setting. But, the wb setting will definitely affect the color, even as much as a scene file would, if it's set drastically different. But the choice of variable or preset should be identical IINM, when both are set to the same kelvin temperature.

    The manual white balance can look quite a bit different from the preset or the variable white balance, depending on how much magenta/green correction the manual white balance does.

    No white balance setting should have much visible effect on the highlights unless you're talking about a white balance setting that's so substantially boosting one of the chroma channels that it pushes that chroma channel into clipping.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barry_Green View Post
    Sorry I can't do any testing to get to the bottom of things, I've got a broken spine so I can't do much of anything right now for the next couple of months.
    I'm sorry to hear that. I have benefited from your knowledge in the past. I wish you a speedy and full recovery. We all take our health for granted until we lose it.

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    So, during tonight's game I did some back and forth to see what is happening between the VWM and set WB. I will do controlled testing soon but what I noticed is the VWB seems to have more saturation as I stated earlier. When I had a set WB, I went into the scene file I bumped up the chroma saturation. After about 25 points the image looked very close to the VWB. Keeping that menu screen up, I changed to VWB and the image looked very saturated. So the scene file changes were affecting the VWB. I then lowered the chroma saturation back down 25 points and it looked like before.

    This made me realize that I do a lot of my work on custom profiles with a Lowell Tota light under WB 3200k. So the look I settle on is related to the preset & VWB. That explains why I am always a little under enthused about the camera's image when I have used it. The scene file is not represented the same way when a manual WB is used. I would like to ask if anybody else with this camera could test this and see if their scene files look the same or different in switching between the different WB choices. Thanks.

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