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    assigning Slow Motion
    I have The C300M2 and I have a Atomos Shogun for 4K prores recording.
    I want to use 120 for now and then, but it is too much hassle to go into the menu each time on a shoot, there are too many settings to be changed, because I have to set my SDI out , to off (4k raw option in the menu), before I can turn on the slowmotion crop 120 fps, to record that on a fast card internally.

    In the beginning I had a fast way of changing setting by saving them and showing them through a fast and small menu. I forgot how to set that up. Unfortunately it was erased due to a factory reset. I this the assignable button was at the front end of the camera.

    Anybody there to help me out?

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    I think I already answered my own question, I registered settings such as 4Kraw out, special recording, etc. in the camera 1 setting and assigned that to button 10, which is very easy to acces.

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