On the topic of sports, these video highlights from the semifinals at the French Open are a pretty good example of the dynamic range challenges in shooting live sports.

The lighting was fairly flat for the beginning of the match, but jump to about the 1 minute mark to see where the pain starts (https://youtu.be/i5RLLDTIUF8?t=62):

And here is a video that actually uses various slow motion shots. I'm guessing that this was probably shot with high frame rate broadcast cameras, as those are typically what is deployed for live sports coverage:

The 2019 French Open was shot using Panasonic broadcast cameras, so it wouldn't surprise me if these were used in 2020 as well:

While super high frame rate (1000 fps) cameras like the Phantom are occasionally used for sports, they are still kind of a specialty camera even in that application, since most sports slow motion is fine at lower frame rates (180 to 240 fps) that can be shot with other cameras.